Zinc Slag Magnetic Sepatation

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Zinc Slag Sepatation Machine

Zinc slag, a ferro-silicate slag, also referred to as imperial smelting furnace slag, is a by-product generated during the primary smelting of zinc ore in a form of blast furnace. It is a granulated, glassy material and has the appearance of dark coloured sand. It typically has a particle size distribution between coarse and fine sand, and a higher specific gravity than sand due to its metal content.

Zinc slag fuming was developed to remove and recover zinc from lead blast frunace slag. Zinc slag fuming is the reductive treatment of molten slag to recover dissolved zinc oxide. The process is carried out in a rectangular water-jacketed furnace on a batch basis. Zenith provides high performance zinc slag separation machine for sale.

Zinc Slag Magnetic Separation

Magnetic separation is an industrial process that uses a magnetic field to separate magnetic materials from non-magnetic ones. Magnetic separation is a popular and low-cost method of recovering metals. In addition to the drum method, many other types of separators exist. Magnetic separation is used primarily by mining industries but also by environmentalists on industrial wastes and even by those who study space materials. Magnetic separators can be used either "wet" or "dry" and come in countless shapes and sizes. Zinc slag magnetic separatio machine shows excellent performance in recover useful materials.

Slag Recycling Crusher Plant

Zenith is a supplier of crushing and screening equipment, and solutions for rock and minerals processing industries. Based on long professional experience in mining and quarrying industry, we developed complete range of large scale, medium scale and small scale slag recycling crusher plant for sale, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, which are widely applied in aggregates production, quarrying, mining, minerals processing, construction, civil engineering and recycling.

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