Silica Stone Grinding Machine

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Silica sand grinding machine

To successfully silica sand grinding operation in today's challenging economy, companies require innovative solutions to make their plant operating systems function at peak efficiency. Making use of the latest in equipment technology, resources and materials, Zenith utilizes engineered solutions to help our customers and the optimum designs, equipment sizes and process support for their systems.

Zenith silica sand grinding mills can be supplied individually or as a package depending on the requirements of the client. A large number of SAG mills have been supplied to the mining industry, of which 25% are of the innovative open-end discharge design supported on slipper pad bearings. Zenith have a range of mills that can be delivered and custom designed to suit various conditions as well as client preferences including the accommodation of a variety of drive arrangements, bearing types and common spares.

The ever-increasing demand for larger diameter silica sand grinding mills meant that designers had to employ new methods to compensate for the increased shell stresses associated with the increase in mill size. It was then recognized that there were mechanical advantages to supporting mill shells inboard of the ends, thus reducing the unsupported beam length and high stresses at the junction of the mill shell heads.

Additional advantages of the shell supported design were that the silica sand grinding mill ends were free of bearings, allowing flexibility of access during relining of the mill and adjustment to the discharge end configuration. This results in metallurgical freedom and a means of adjusting the process to ensure better performance.

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