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Sand washing machine manufacturers

Sand washing machine is mainly used for sand cleaning operations, cleanliness is very high, and the quality of sand after cleaning is very good, widely used in building materials, chemicals, water conservancy, hydropower, transportation, mining and other industries.

At present, there are a lot of domestic sand washing machine manufacturers, according to our company's sand washing machine is the most energy-efficient equipment on the market, the annual processing plant for about 50 thousand cost savings and improve the overall profit of the processing plant, this article We are on this most energy-saving sand washing machine to do a brief introduction to the relevant content.

sand washing machine structure

The most energy efficient sand washing machine using the latest technology and the international high-end technology processing, its structure is very simple, mainly composed of motor, reducer, gear, belt, pulley, tank and other parts, installation and operation are very simple.

The most energy saving sand washing machine product advantages

  • 1. The utility model has the advantages of unique structure, novel appearance, small size, light weight, effectively reducing the occupied area, more convenient maintenance and lower maintenance cost;
  • 2. energy saving effect is very good, compared with the similar equipment on the market, the equipment energy saving in more than 50%, the annual cost savings for the processing plant;
  • 3. cleanliness is very high, the better the quality of sand after cleaning, no pollution and sand washing process, effectively improve the construction environment.

sand washing machine price

The most efficient sand washing machine prices are very concerned about the problem of users, the performance of our equipment production company, superior quality, price is the lowest on the market at present, our company is a direct selling enterprises, from production to sales of equipment are their own factory to complete, no middlemen make a difference; I have to take the amount of form of the sale of equipment, the equipment market price and the ex factory price is the same, reducing the user cost of investment, the price should be lower than the market price of 50 thousand yuan.

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