quartz crusher machine

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commonly used quartz crusher machine

Quartz stone is a common rock forming minerals in nature, has the characteristics of no scratches, no radiation, no pollution, high temperature resistance, easy maintenance, no color, can be used as a public building, home decoration and other raw materials, in addition, After processing, but also can replace the natural sand is widely used in urban construction, highways, airport runways and other fields, industrial value can not be underestimated. So what kind of crusher is broken quartz? In this article, we will recommend several commonly used quartz stone crusher.

quartz jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is the most commonly used quartz stone crusher machine, the most mature production process, so the performance of the performance are very good.

  • 1. jaw plate material is good, and into the domestic innovation technology, not only strong and durable, long life, and crushing efficiency increased by 35% -45%;
  • 2. broken cavity deep and no dead zone, to accommodate the amount of quartz stone material increased by at least 50%, production increased to 1.5 times the original;
  • 3. small size, light weight, so the area reduced by 25%, infrastructure investment reduced by 20,000 yuan, easy to operate, fast installation, the basic requirements of the site environment.

quartz cone crusher

Cone crusher is the highest technological content of crushing equipment, the quartz stone has a good crushing effect, as the processing plant favored one of the crushing equipment.

  • 1. the structure of advanced, unique design, the use of "laminated broken" principle, to achieve the ideal "more broken less grinding" state, high efficiency, good effect, and energy consumption savings of 50% -60%;
  • 2. the new hydraulic protection system design to ensure the safety of equipment operation, and maintenance is very convenient, its life extension of at least 5-6 years;
  • 3. imported from Germany efficient dust removal equipment, dust pollution can be generated in the operation of complete control, to create a green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon operation of the scene.

quartz hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is also a relatively long history of the development of the crusher, quartz stone material can achieve a molding effect, it is also one of the preferred equipment quartz stone processing plant.

  • 1. hammer part of the improved design, and use the domestic high-end alloy material, not only good quality, wear-resistant use, the number of replacement, and crushing efficiency is also greatly improved;
  • 2. broken stone stone material fineness, grainy appearance, adjustable size, less crushed, no needles, eliminating the need for secondary shaping process, energy-saving enterprises to invest more than 40% of the cost;
  • 3. the appearance of beautiful design, internal structure is compact, more convenient operation and maintenance, and the body seal, to avoid dust pollution, to eliminate the body leakage of dust more problems.

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