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With the development of the industry driven by the crushing industry, the crusher machine represented by the mobile crusher was warmly welcomed by the manufacturers in the market.

In the process of breaking a large stone into a small piece of rock, moving the broken feed from the top entrance into the crushing chamber contains the teeth. In the process of the movement of the jaw teeth in the grinding of large pieces of stone crushing, support for the movement of the eccentric shaft is the core of the whole mobile crushing support. Mobile crusher flywheel and bearing is an important component of spherical roller bearing support, so in the process of work is very susceptible to abrasion and high temperature sewage damage, so the flywheel and bearing maintenance is very important in the use of mobile crusher. Although this work is extremely harsh environment, mobile crushing still need to work very reliably, which is a key link to ensure production efficiency.

In principle, the mobile jaw crusher with an eccentric shaft, a big belt wheel, flywheel, jaw, side plate, elbow board, elbow plate seat, a gap adjusting screw, a reset spring, a fixed jaw and a movable jaw, wherein the toggle plate is the mobile crushing equipment is very important to insurance firmware. The working principle of mobile crushing equipment mainly is curved extrusion, motor drive belt and pulley to move up and down the movable jaw by the eccentric shaft of the movable jaw rises, the angle between the bracket and the movable jaw becomes large, thus promoting the movable jaw plate close to fixed jaw plate, at the same time the material is extrusion, rubbing, grinding and other multiple broken, when the movable jaw down, elbow plate and the movable jaw small, movable jaw plate with round angle between the left spring fixed jaw plate, the crushed material discharged from the crushing cavity, with the continuous rotation of the motor crusher Hubei periodic crushing and discharging, to achieve mass production.

In fact, for the use of mobile jaw crusher and the purchase, the most important is the need to clear their own production enterprise production target and capacity requirements, combined with their own budget to the market to buy, to buy a suitable price and affordable mobile jaw crusher.

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