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Rock stone jaw crusher

Rock stone is a limestone, quartz stone, basalt, diabase, bluestone and other types of ore in general, broken processing, has a good industrial use, in the highway, railway, water conservancy, power plants, construction and other fields can achieve its value. Because of its simple mining methods, low cost, big gains, because the market's most popular investment industry.

In Kenya if you want to invest in the rock industry, want to get higher profits, first of all to choose a suitable rock crusher. There are many stone equipment, but the most commonly used and the best ia jaw crusher, its model is complete, the advantages of prominent, cheap, the industry's most popular equipment, the global users of the favor and recognition.

jaw crushers for sale kenya model

Our company designed the mountain jaw crusher model is very complete, for different strength, production target user choice, which use the higher three models are: PE200 ?? 350, PE600 ?? 900, PE1000 ?? 1200, respectively, adapted to small, medium and large stone processing plants.

1. PE200*350

The maximum feed capacity of the device is 180mm, the discharge port adjustment range is 18-70mm, the total weight is 1.5t, the motor power is 11Kw, the processing capacity reaches 3-10t / h;

2. PE600*900

The maximum feed size of the equipment is 500mm, the discharge port adjustment range is 65-160mm, the total weight is 17t, the motor power is 55Kw, the processing capacity reaches 50-180t / h;

3. PE1000*1200

The maximum feed size of the device is 850mm, the discharge port adjustment range is 315-500mm, the total weight is 55t, the electric power is 110Kw, the processing capacity reaches 315-500t / h.

In addition, the company also designed PE250??400 ??PE250??750??PE900??1200, PE500??750??PE1200??1500 dozens of models, different models of equipment size, weight, etc., there are differences in production, more detailed technology parameter.

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