iron ore magnetic separator

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Introduction of Iron Ore Magnetic Separator

Because of the lower grade of iron ore, so the need for its further production and processing, magnetic separation is an important step in the purification of iron ore, iron ore magnetic separator is our company in its nature on the basis of the development of high efficiency magnetic Election equipment, iron ore can play a greater application value for the user's production to bring higher economic and social benefits.

Performance Characteristics of Iron Ore Magnetic Separator

  • 1. for the wearing parts of the device, made of special materials, with light weight, small size and other characteristics, both for the user in the production of the installation and commissioning, but also effectively increase the service life of the device.
  • 2. in the same time, the device can save more than 30% of the machine, the annual savings of about 100,000 yuan for the cost of electricity.
  • 3. the poor iron ore by rough or broken after the rough election, can effectively discharge the rock and other waste rock, thereby enhancing its grade, and for the production of the next process to reduce the load.
  • 4. for the equipment is equipped with dust and silencer device, to avoid the production of environmental hazards, reducing the noise on the health of the operator hazards.
  • 5. magnetic separation coefficient is strong, and the separation effect is better, can effectively improve the efficiency of magnetic separation equipment to increase the accuracy of iron ore.

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