dolomite powder milling machinery

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Introduction to Dolomites

Dolomite is a kind of off-white carbonate minerals. After milling, it can be used as refractory inner layer, cement raw material, fertilizer, glass flux and insecticide. It is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection and agriculture. Application, the market outlook is extremely optimistic.

In order to achieve full utilization of dolomite, need to be processed into powder, which will use a series of milling equipment, the selection of these devices, dolomite processing plant will be the key task. What equipment do you need to produce dolomite powder? what??s the production and processing? The following will introduce the analysis.

dolomite powder milling machinery

For the preparation of dolomite powder, generally through the crushing, milling, grading, collection and other stages, in order to achieve a good grinding effect, in the broken part of the current use of two closed circuit. The entire equipment used in the production line, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, Raymond mill and other major equipment, but also comes with bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, fan, separator and other related auxiliary equipment.

  • 1. jaw crusher: the equipment is the dolomite ore to do the initial coarse crushing treatment to move the jaw plate between the squeeze, split the role to achieve the material broken, with a simple structure, small size, operation Convenient, fast installation, large output, good quality, less failure, low energy consumption, is a good dolomite crushing equipment.
  • 2. cone crusher: The equipment is the highest technological content in the crusher, has a very good in the fine plastic function, with a high degree of automation, stable operation, less energy consumption, low pollution, small cost, high efficiency, easy operation, Zero noise and other advantages, the use of the effect is very satisfactory.
  • 3. Raymond Mill: The equipment is the host part of the dolomite production line, the purpose is to crush the dolomite particles into a suitable fine powder for different areas of the need for its simple operation, stable operation, more environmentally friendly, Super energy and other characteristics, while grinding finished dolomite fine fineness uniformity, high whiteness, fineness adjustable, the sieving rate is almost 100%, the effect is quite good.

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