Diabase Crusher

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The object of diabase crusher is broken diabase, the rock has a crystal structure, the rock has two kinds, one is the fine particles, the other is a medium sized particles, rock presents diabase or subophitic rock structure, from the appearance, showing gray, dark gray, part of the rock has two kinds, one is another kind of pyroxene, feldspar and it is a very good building materials, mainly for the production of all kinds of stone, can support the building of stone or a variety of exquisite art, can also be used to cast stone, stone texture and no cracks in the surface, can be used as raw material.

Diabase crusher is a kind of new equipment, the efficiency is very high, mainly used for the crushing of diabase, also can break other mineral raw material, the equipment volume is relatively small, not occupy too much space, the factory enterprise need not to worry about the equipment layout, equipment production capacity is very large, can be a one-time processing of a large amount of raw materials, processing the particle size distribution, is very good, people can also be processed on the ore selection of the equipment, can be determined according to the size of the volume of ore processing objects, people may be able to diabase crushing machinery finished set, can set the product particle size, the particle size of the finished product meets the production of products the requirements of factories and enterprises.

The future has a broad application prospect in the formation of diabase broken people, diabase crushing production line, is equipped with wear-resistant parts, so as to avoid large area wear equipment components leading to equipment can not be used. The hammer and the back panel equipment and raw materials often collide, are the most susceptible to wear parts, people need to regularly inspect these easy wear parts, once found parts wear degree is high, to timely replacement parts.

The diabase crusher is suitable for crushing diabase texture is hard rock, so wear a piece of equipment is inevitable, in this case, a new device is best choice for consumers in the selection of equipment, new type of crusher is used mostly diabase high-tech production, smart and unique design.

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