XZM Ultrafine Mill

The XZM ultrafine mill is a a professional equipment for processing and manufacturing the fine and ultrafine powder. It has strong technical advantage as well as cost advantage in the mechanical ultrafine grinding field. And it has also become the best mechanical grinding equipment in this field.

XZM ultrafine mill is suitable for processing the low and intermediate hardness brittle materials which are non-flammable and non-explosive, such as calcium carbonate, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, attapulgite, barite, gypsum and graphite. So far, it has been widely applied in paint, papermaking, pigment, rubber, plastic, padding, cosmetic, chemical supplies and many other industrial fields.

XZM ultrafine mill Technical Advantages

  1. It features high efficiency and low energy consumption, with the capacity more than twice that of jet mills but the energy consumption lower by 30%.
  2. The roller and ring are forged from special material, which increases the durability by several times.
  3. The grinding chamber has no bearing screw, and is able to work stably free of vibration after balance treatment.
  4. The efficient vertical turbine powder classifier can achieve high efficiency, accurate cutting size and no spillover of coarse powder.
  5. Frequency-conversion control, the adjustment control is convenient, with the one-time finished products D97??5??m.
  6. Automatic feedback, fast and stable conversion of finished products; intelligent control, saving labor costs.
  7. The efficient double powder collecting method with powder collectors and pulse dust collectors work at the same time effectively, achieve good effect in dust collection, which is far higher than the national standard.
  8. The optimized sound insulation room and muffler can effectively prevent the spread of equipment noise.

XZM ultrafine mill Working Principle

During working, the main motor drives the main shaft and grinding plate to rotate via the reducer and the roller pin on the edge of the grinding plate drives dozens of grinding rollers to roll in the mill roller path. The material into the main mill via the feeding equipment will fall on the scatter tray on the rotary plate, move sidewards under the action of centrifugal force, and then fall into the mill roller path for crushing and grinding at the impact of the ring and roller; after processed through layers of roller paths, the material will become powder and simultaneously the high-pressure fan will pump outside air into the mill body and take the grinded material into the powder classifier.

The rotating impellers in the classifier will drive the coarse particles to fall back for repeated grinding, with the qualified fine powder forced into the cyclone powder collector along with the air flow and discharged from the lower discharge valve as finished products, while the air flow with a small amount of fine dust will be discharged out of the mill via the blower and muffler after purified in the pulse bag filter.

XZM ultrafine mill Technical data


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