VU Integrated Sand Making System by Dry Method

China aggregate demand more than 100 tons, industrial scale more than 500 billion, but the natural sand supply shortages, rising prices, high transport costs, quality fluctuations, and the traditional mechanism of multi angle, rough sand gradation is uneven, impurities, inadequate performance.

In the face of the huge market demand, aiming at the disadvantages of the conventional process, we combine the domestic and foreign advanced technology and research, with the economic and efficient grinding and separating technology rich sand process, through the whole process of demonstration and experiment, launched VU Integrated Sand Making System by Dry Method, production problems in dry sand new solution to solve the quality of sand the development of sand, cement, dry mixing, mixing industry chain and create new opportunities.

VU system can use cheap tailings, waste, construction waste as raw material, the dry process of environmental protection, the sand production mechanism of quality comparable to natural sand. VU sand with sand standard for concrete, can be used for mixing station, dry mortar, cement factory and other supporting sand, aggregate mining supporting sand, large construction projects supporting sand, can meet the huge market demand for high quality sand, with good investment value, won many praise and market recognition.

Our VU Integrated Sand Making System by Dry Method is updated and comprehensive upgrade based on the original dry sand system, the tower type highly intensive closed arrangement, efficient sand, grain type optimization, powder control, gradation adjustment, moisture control, environmental protection treatment on one, not only improves the production efficiency, to achieve a more comprehensive promotion mechanism of sand type, gradation, powder containing quantity and other indicators, the performance mechanism of sand comparable to natural sand, creating new opportunities for the development of sand, cement and concrete industry chain and value.

VU Integrated Sand Making System by Dry Method advantages

  1. finished high quality sand

    Finished sand grading, particle size, powder content and other indicators are excellent, and stable performance, can be adjusted, can be comparable with the quality of natural sand.

  2. low cost and low cost

    Breaking the comprehensive reform of grinding technology, and enhance the reasonable connection technology of single equipment performance, to achieve low consumption; available "stone" and "seeds" cheap tailings, waste as raw materials for sand, to realize the low cost.

  3. fineness modulus can be adjusted

    Fineness modulus (2.23.2) easy to adjust.

  4. classification more accurate

    Classification accuracy is more accurate than before. The same product can be produced by adding water mixer.

  5. process environmental protection

    The equipment adopts fully enclosed structure, the dust does not overflow. Environmentally friendly dry process, no need to wash, do not produce sewage, sludge, dust and other issues.

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