VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI sand making machine is a special equipment for the production of engineering building sand, which can be used for the production of engineering building sand. Widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, alumina clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials such as high hardness, super hard materials in the crushing field.

VSI sand making machine designed for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide high-quality aggregate, is the first choice of sand making equipment of artificial sand and stone plastic field..

Excellent performance and long service life

  1. Oil lubricating system special, ensure the temperature rise within 25??;
  2. A new automatic protection device for the machine to provide vibration, oil filter, alarm and other early warning systems, can eliminate hidden dangers;
  3. The new oil filtration system to ensure the bearing and other transmission devices are not accidental wear, increase the service life;
  4. Wear resistant materials to optimize the design, improve the service life of more than 40%, thereby reducing the cost of more than 40%;
  5. the main materials used in the international plant configuration, conventional materials can be used for more than a month without stopping.

VSI sand making machine with High quality and high efficiency

  1. excellent impeller design greatly reduces the resistance of the material through the material to improve the throughput and crushing ratio, compared with the traditional impact breaking efficiency increased by 10% ~ 60%;
  2. hydraulic device, automatic cover, reduce labor intensity, maintenance is very convenient, fundamentally improve the use efficiency;
  3. the frame adopts new technology of heat riveting, enhance the structural strength and toughness of the equipment, ensure smooth operation of the equipment, make the quality up to a new level;
  4. using the world's advanced light oil leakage prevention device, remove oil seal replacement trouble;
  5. improve the feed base size, maximum diameter of 80mm (in traditional equipment can only be entered: maximum diameter 50mm).

VSI Sand Making Technical data

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