Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder in the production process for the massive, granular and powdery materials from warehouse or storage hopper in uniform for the quantitative or to the subject feeding device. In the broken production line, the product can be used for the continuous and uniform feeding of the crushing machine, and the initial screening of the material.

Vibrating feeder with stable vibration, reliable operation, low noise, low energy consumption, convenient installation, convenient maintenance and debugging advantages, good comprehensive performance.

Vibrating feeder features

  1. Low noise, no pollution

    The working noise is low, and the closed structure can be adopted.

  2. Stable performance and reliable operation

    The utility model has the advantages of good continuity and adjustable exciting force. The electric control adopts a half wave rectifying electric appliance, which can adjust the feeding quantity infinitely, and can be used in the production process of automatic control to realize the automation of the production process.

  3. Simple structure, small investment

    The utility model has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple structure, small investment and high cost performance.

  4. Strong adaptability

    The utility model has the advantages of strong adaptability to various ore rocks, especially the viscous ore and rock materials, and can work under the environment of more dust or water.

  5. High efficiency and low operating cost

    The double eccentric shaft as the excitation source, amplitude stability, to ensure the liquidity of vibration of rock material, reducing the channel blockage phenomenon of red material, drawing ability, high efficiency; simple structure, no moving parts, the vulnerability of small vibration, low power consumption, low operation cost.

Vibrating feeder Working principle

The vibrating feeder is composed of a feeding trough, vibrator, spring support, transmission device etc.. Body vibration feeder vibration source is a vibrator, the vibrator is composed of two eccentric shaft and gear pair, by the motor through the belt drive shaft, driving shaft gear from the driven shaft to rotate, the main driven shaft at the same time, reverse rotation, the body vibration, so that the material is continuously flowing. To achieve the purpose of conveying material.

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