pfw impact crusher

PFW impact crusher is our company to absorb the latest international counter breaking the latest technology, the development of the international advanced level of the latest generation of products.

PFW impact crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, cement, chemical, refractories and ceramics and other industrial sectors, as well as highway construction, water conservancy projects, construction of gravel, sand processing machinery and other fields.

The role of PFW impact crusher in the sand production line

PFW impact crusher as a crushing equipment in stone production line is mainly responsible for the broken stone after the initial cracking further crushing work. The working principle of the impact of the broken stone to a small particle size, after screening equipment can get different specifications of stones.

In the process of crushing stone, jaw crusher to coarse or broken in the work, can not be crushed stone to the required size of the project, must be broken through the broken back can be broken. Therefore, the impact of broken stone production line in the role is not to be replaced.

In the sand production line, the PFW impact crusher is second or third steps, after the crusher of the material, and then to the secondly crusher, again by crashing into customer needs 20 ~ 60mm particle sand washing equipment. Impact crusher is a kind of impact energy can be used to crush the mechanical energy saving ball mill. In order to ensure the crusher is better in the continuous operation in the sand production line, the continuation of the crusher's service life, the user should be on the crusher for regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment in cement plant.

PFW Impact crusher Working principle

The main working parts of the impact crusher for high speed rotor with plate hammer crusher, feeding the material in the rotating range (i.e. hammer area), by the plate hammer impact; and was thrown to the back plate. High speed impact; then from the back in a back plate hammer, repeat the above process. In such a round trip, there is a collision between materials.

The utility model is characterized in that the material between the back plate and the plate hammer is also milled by the high speed rotating plate hammer. Because of the material by the plate hammer blow in the collision, and hammer impact, back board material between the material milling effect, making the crack in the material continues to expand and produce new crack, resulting in crushing, when the particle size is less than the gap between the plate and the back plate hammer is discharged, complete the crushing process.

PFW Impact crusher Technical data


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