PF Impact Crusher

PF series impact crusher adopts the latest manufacturing technology, unique structure design, finished processing a cube, and no tension cracks, grain shape, all broken feed size is less than 500mm, 350MPa compressive strength is not more than the coarse, medium and fine materials, discharging large size small broken can be adjusted.

PF impact crusher is widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries.

impact crusher structure

  1. Rotor Parts

    Rotor body is part of the heart. The rotor frame is welded by steel plate, and the plate hammer is fixed in the right position and the axial limiting device, which can effectively prevent the hammer from running. The plate hammer is made of high abrasion resistant material, and the whole rotor has good dynamic and static balance and impact resistance.

  2. Rack

    The utility model is composed of three parts of a rigid and twisted box welded structure. In order to ensure the safe and reliable replacement of wearing parts, the articulated frame cover can be opened by a mechanical device or a hydraulic device. The lifting device arranged on the frame above the recommended users, this will help you to quickly open the upper bracket to replace wearing parts or testing equipment, on both sides of the frame are equipped with detection door.

  3. Counter Attack

    The machine is equipped with front and rear two back frame, both self weight hanging structure. Each counter is individually supported on the crusher frame. When the crusher is working, the counter frame keeps its normal working position by gravity. When the iron is over, the counter frame is lifted rapidly, and the foreign body is removed and then returned to the original place.

    The gap between the counter and the rotor can be adjusted by hanging bolts. The reverse reaction lining plate can be fixed on the back frame by the inclined structure. The back plate can be replaced with a smaller wear area.

  4. Transmission Parts

    The transmission adopts the high efficiency narrow triangle belt transmission, and the wheel which is matched with the main shaft is connected with the expansion sleeve, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly.

PF Impact crusher Working principle

Impact crusher is the use of the impact of the "free" fragmentation principle to break the material. The material into the crushing machine, high-speed rotary blow plate impact, selective crushing material along the bedding surface, cleavage plane. Be after impact material obtain tremendous kinetic energy, and with very high speed along the tangent direction of the hitting plate throwing to first level impact plate by impact impact plate material, again being crushed, and then return to the block from the first level back plate, and hit the new heavy plate impact, continue to give crush. After crushing the material, also with a very high speed thrown to the second counter plate, again broken, resulting in the impact of the crusher in the "interlocking" type of fragmentation.

PF Impact crusher Technical data

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