PEW Jaw Crusher

Zenith is one of the world's leading manufacturer of rock and mineral processing equipment, which has been installed thousands of mining equipments or stone production lines in the world since the late twentieth century.

The PEW jaw crusher is our company following the traditional jaw crusher after the development of a new crusher. The product is the perfect combination of modern science and technology and production practice, is the first choice for the efficient crushing of hard, strong corrosive materials.

The PEW jaw crusher is widely used in crushing, construction aggregate production, construction waste crushing, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, highway, railway, bridge construction and other industries.

Instructions of PEW jaw crusher

Preparatory work before the start of pew jaw crusher

  1. should carefully check the lubrication of the bearing is good, the bearing inside the elbow plate connection is sufficient grease.
  2. carefully check that all fasteners are fully secured.
  3. if the protective device is good and the unsafe phenomenon is found, it shall be immediately removed.
  4. check whether there is any ore or other debris in the crushing chamber, if any, remove immediately.

the start of pew jaw crusher

  1. inspection, proof of the machine and the transmission part of the normal situation, can start.
  2. the machine can only start without load.
  3. after the start, if found abnormal, should stop immediately, to find out the reasons for the elimination of hidden dangers, before starting again.

PEW jaw crusher in the stone production line

The PEW jaw crusher can be used for the production of limestone, marble, granite and other equipment, the equipment in the production line is mainly used as the initial breaking equipment material, can be the size of need in the production line to provide material crushing smaller to the subsequent production process to use.

From the above description can be seen in the PEW crusher is a kind of important thick broken equipment, this equipment can be used for different materials according to the production of limestone production line, marble production line, so in actual use can also become Dali limestone crusher equipment, stone crusher crusher and other equipment. In addition to the equipment of different models can be used for different production line, so the production of PEW250 * 1000 type line specializes in the use of equipment, some production models using PEW400 * 600 jaw line crushing equipment.

Different types of equipment with different functions, such as the size of the output performance, in the production process can be based on the actual needs of choice, to better meet the needs of the market for rough crushing.

PEW jaw crusher Technical data

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