PE Jaw Crusher

PE jaw crusher by two commonly known as, animal motion simulation, by moving the movable jaw and the fixed jaw two jaw plates of a motion to the materials in the crushing cavity of extrusion, rubbing, grinding crushing.

The PE jaw crusher is mainly used for the crushing and crushing of the compressive strength not exceeding 320 MPa, and has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high yield, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable operation, simple maintenance, low operation cost, etc.. Often used as a primary crusher is used in a variety of stone production line, ore crushing production line.

PE jaw crusher components and structure

The structure of pe jaw crusher is relatively simple, mainly composed of a machine frame, crushing mechanism, transmission mechanism, adjusting device, tension device, safety device and lubricating system. The overall structure can be divided into the following seven parts. The following is a detailed analysis.

  1. Machine Frame

    The frame is the main body of the fixed jaw crusher machine. There are two kinds of manufacturing methods: carbon steel casting frame and medium carbon steel welding frame. A plurality of reinforcing ribs are arranged on the frame according to the welding frame. The need for strict quality control and specific technical requirements, and then achieve the effect of casting stents. It is worth mentioning that the framework requires sufficient strength.

  2. Conduction Mechanism

    The utility model mainly comprises a synchronous belt wheel, an eccentric shaft, a pull rod and a switch. In order to ensure the close combination of the movable jaw plate, we usually adopt the elastic device which is composed of a draw rod and a spring.

  3. Regulating Equipment

    The adjustment device usually has a wedge type and hydraulic type, etc.. Crusher usually adopts wedge type, this adjusting device can adjust the outlet size.

  4. Tension Device

    The tension device is composed of a pull rod, a spring and an adjusting nut.

  5. Working Mechanism

    The working mechanism of the crusher by the fixed jaw and movable jaw. It is composed of steel lined with tooth plate. The toothed plate is fixed in the jaw plate by bolts and wedges. The wear of each component is unbalanced. Especially in the lower part of the outlet location is the most serious.

  6. Safety device

    When the crushing chamber is provided with an iron and a safety device, the crusher stops working, thereby protecting the moving jaw and the eccentric shaft frame, and preventing the damage of other components, etc..

  7. lubrication system

    The lubricating component is a mechanism to promote the entry of lubricating oil into the injection point. The eccentric shaft bearing usually adopts the centralized circulating lubrication.

The advantage of PE jaw crusher in production line

  1. PE jaw crusher has many different types and crushing area has increased many at the time of production can be selected according to the demand, and the device structure is relatively stable running in the production line is relatively stable;
  2. The jaw crusher adopts the material discharging mouth adjusting system and the hydraulic system, which makes the automation degree of the equipment increase a lot;
  3. The equipment is equipped with hydraulic oil station and hydraulic cavity system, which makes the lubrication operation in the production line and the cleaning operation more convenient;
  4. In addition, the most concerned about the production capacity of the equipment has also increased a lot, because the crushing area of the device increases while the probability of reducing the number of crushing chamber to reduce a lot, which increases the efficiency of the production line has great benefits.

PE jaw crusher Technical data


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