LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

As a new type of superfine grinding equipment, the LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill integrates grinding, separating and transportation.

With years' experience in mill production, the LUM ultrafine vertical roller mills are designed by our company, basing on vertical mills, introducing Taiwan' s grinding roller technology and German powder separating technology.

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill Application

LUM ultrafine vertical mill are widely used in the industries of non-metallic mining, chemical and metallurgy etc. In particular, it has outstanding performance in the ultrafine pulverization of white non-metallic minerals. It provides high quality fillers and additives for plastic, rubber, papermaking, PVC, printing ink, coating and pigment.

vertical roller mill Working Principle

The materials drop on the grinding plate center through the screw feeder and evenly move outwards under the action of centrifugal force of the rotating grinding plate driven by the reducer; Large materials are crushed and ground by the grinding rollers when passing through the grinding area, while smaller materials form a material bed by extrusion for further intergranular crushing. The crushed materials continue to move towards the mill edge until being taken into the classifier by the air flow from the air inlet.

The powder particles failing to meet the particle size requirement fall back on the grinding plate for further grinding while the qualified powder particles are collected in the pulse bag filter with the air flow and discharged as finished products. However, the iron blocks and other sundries mixed in the materials move along with the materials towards the edge of the grinding plate due to their own weight. They fall into the lower chamber of the mill and then be discharged out of the mill through the slag discharge opening bythe scraping plate.

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill Technical Advantages

  1. The grinding curves of the roller shell and lining plate are uniquely designed based on the ultrafine pulverization principle, which makes it easier to form material bed, improves the grinding efficiency and increases the proportion of finished products from the primary grinding.
  2. The special pre-compaction device ensures grinding efficiency and fineness of finished products. Besides, small vibration of the mill decreases energy loss.
  3. The material bed pulverization principle reduces the duration of materials retention in the mill and the repeated grinding is avoided. As a result, the iron content in the finished products is reduced. Therefore, the whiteness and purity of the product are increased.
  4. In the process of grinding, addition of a small amount of additive that will not adversely affect the quality of finished product is capable of remarkably improving the added value of the product.

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill Technical data


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