CI5X Series Impact Crusher

CI5X series impact crusher is in order to meet customer demand for high yield, low cost, energy saving and new design, is the ideal choice of coarse crushing and crushing in large crushing production line.

CI5X impact crusher integrates the use of high inertia of the high precision rotor, multi-functional full hydraulic operating system, the gradual opening of high efficiency crushing chamber and other new research results, comprehensive cost-effective, to help customers get a reliable profitability.

CI5X impact crusher features

  1. Strong processing ability, high crushing efficiency

    High precision heavy rotor design great inertia, with the overall manufacturing process of CNC machine tool, the rotor speed increases, processing capacity increased significantly; optimization design of involute type of crushing chamber, high crushing efficiency, good grain products.

  2. Stable and reliable, low failure rate

    High wear resistant material plate hammer, impact plate, high strength and high quality steel, international famous brand bearings, such as a full range of reliability design, to ensure that the product is always in a continuous and reliable operation, and the early failure rate.

  3. Easy operation and maintenance, low operating costs

    The computer aided design using Ansys finite element, the weight is greatly reduced, more convenient transportation and installation; multi function hydraulic bearing operating system, design theory, man-machine engineering and innovative design of the seat positioning device, the replacement of wearing parts and maintenance simple and convenient operation, and low operation cost; drive motor power, accurate, will the product cost control in good condition.

CI5X impact crusher Working principle

CI5X impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine which can use the impact energy to break the material. When working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, when the material into the plate hammer function area, high-speed impact plate hammer and broken, broken material along the tangential direction is thrown to the installation in the back plate above the rotor broken again, and then back to the plate hammer area again broken from the back plate on elastic. This process is repeated until the material is broken to the desired size and discharged from the discharge port. Adjust the gap between the counter and the rotor to achieve the purpose of changing the size and shape of the material.

Technical data

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