B Series Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor in the industrial production is the connecting link between the production of machinery and equipment, continuous and can realize the automation of production processes, and can greatly improve the productivity, reduce labor intensity.

The belt conveyor has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance and so on. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries.

Belt Conveyor features

  1. Simple structure, standardized parts, easy maintenance

    Standardized production, simple structure, easy maintenance, reduce downtime, improve efficiency.

  2. Anti slip treatment, large conveying capacity, strong stability

    The conveying capacity is large, the conveying distance is long, the conveying is stable, and the utility model provides a "human" shaped belt conveyor, and the relative movement between the material and the conveying belt is not enhanced, and the stability of the belt conveyor is enhanced.

  3. Wide range of materials, strong adaptability

    Different models to meet customer delivery requirements; belt conveyor can be used in ambient temperature from-20?? to 40??, the conveying of the material at a temperature of 50??, it has very strong adaptability.

  4. Various models, flexible use

    According to the different requirements of the transport process, can be used alone, can also be used in combination, or with other transport equipment consisting of a horizontal or inclined conveyor system.

Belt conveyer Working principle

Belt conveyer is mainly composed of a machine frame, a conveying belt, belt roller, tensioning device, transmission device etc.. The body is made of high quality steel plate, which is formed by the difference between the front and rear legs, and the plane is inclined at a certain angle. The machine frame is provided with a roller, roller, used for driving and supporting conveyor belt. There are two types of motor drive and motor drive.

The belt conveyer and the movement according to the friction drive principle, according to the transportation process requirements, can be a single conveyor belt conveyor, can also be multiple composition or with other equipments to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system, in order to meet the needs of different layout of production line.

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