Slag Screening Equipment

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In the stone mining process, it will produce the high grade mineral and also it will give lots of ore slag. How to make best use of the ore slag becomes more and more important. Because it will bring high extra profits and it is friendly to the environment. Depending on years' production experience and high technology, Zenith has produced the advanced slag screening equipment for contractors.

Slag screening equipment

The decision to select a particular vibrating screen is critical-it impacts the operating life, efficiency of screening, maintenance requirement, inventory cost, environmental factors and of course investment. A wrong choice could lead to bottlenecks in material flow, preventing the plant from working to its capacity.

Zenith mining screens are rugged and designed for a long life. Due to the vast experience of Zenith and the wide choice of vibratory drives available, Zenith selects and delivers the most efficient and economical screen for each individual application. Selection of the correct drive is very important for screening efficiency and highest possible output especially for prolonged usage over the life of the machine. Zenith has the complete range of vibrating drives which enables us to make the optimum selection.

Conventional slag screening machines are not able to screen medium and fine particles very efficiently. Zenith multiple slope screens ensure a good precise separation even for materials which are difficult to screen. The operating principle of multiple slope vibrating screen is based in maintaining an uniformly thin bed of material, right from the feed to the discharge end of the screen. This allows stratification of fines at the bottom of the bed and increases the probability of separation. By designing the screens with varying deck slopes, Zenith screens have improved screening efficiencies at higher capacities compare to conventional horizontal type screens.

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